Buying Lawn Care Programs and Cars: What they have in Common

Lawn care programs can be confusing

We all know cars have 4 wheels.  But we can’t say all cars with 4 wheels are equal to each other.  Sure they are designed to get you from point A to point B.  But variables can occur in how fast, safely, or efficiently that trip may be accomplished.  How reliable will the car be, and comfortable will you be on your trip?  Then we have the cost of the car, which must factor in not only the purchase price, but all operating, maintenance and insurance costs, and the retained value when you sell the car.  Often, inexpensive cars take a much larger hit in loss of resale value, negating some of the savings on purchase price and repair or maintenance costs.

The same logic applies when evaluating lawn care programs. Just because 2 companies,best lawn care program

6 visit programs have the same number of trips to your home, doesn’t mean all 6 step lawn fertilizing programs are alike.

Lawn fertilizer is like the motor in your car. Fertilizer is your lawn’s energy supply. You can apply a powerful fertilizer, but it may not have a long life or be efficient in feeding the lawn. More lawn fertilization applications are not always better, because the best lawn care programs use high quality, controlled release nitrogen in their programs. Those lawn fertilizers can deliver just the right dose of nitrogen over a long period of time.

Cheaper lawn fertilizers cheap lawn care program deliver nitrogen faster over just a few weeks, and can result in lawn problems with drought stress, disease, or too many clippings. This resembles what happens when you apply too much power in slippery road conditions and your car spins out.


Weed controls for your lawn are the tires and seats. Some older, once tried and true lawn weed controls, just don’t deliver the performance of newer products. It’s the same with auto tires. And like an uncomfortable seat or one that is hard to clean, poor weed control causes discomfort. Today’s smart lawn care companies use advanced lawn weed control products that require less product to be used in the environment. New products can result in better control from a single application, and are often specialized for use in certain seasons and temperature conditions. The result is a better lawn and less control product in the environment.

A good lab soil tests is to your lawn, what CarFax is to a used car purchase. CarFax lets you know if the vehicle has been wrecked and repaired or damaged by flood. It exposes hidden problems so you don’t get burned. Lawn soil tests performed in a laboratory, save you the same type of lawn problems. You and your lawn company will know any hidden soil nutrient problems that may by affecting the performance or your lawn. Though all lawns can have their basic needs met by a high quality lawn care program, your chances of improving your lawn and having long term success, improve greatly with a soil test. Be sure to follow any special recommendations that may result from your soil test.

It takes more money to purchase better lawn care products, but no more time or money to apply them in most cases. So a better lawn care program may cost a little more, but the results should make your lawn visibly better. In the end, a company’s knowledge and results are what you purchasing. In the end, the quality lawn care program could actually save you money because of fewer lawn problems to deal with.