Lawn Sprinkler Repair

Lawn Sprinkler Repairs for Any System and Any Brand

Town Pride Performs The Following Irrigation Repair Services: Lawn sprinkler repairs, start ups, alterations, additions, winterizations on any system by experienced and trained technicians.

For Your Service Convenience

  • 2-3 hour arrival windows for your appointments
  • Service plans with discounts and extended warranty
  • Easy to understand, flat rate pricing inclusive of labor and materials for estimates and billing.
  • 3 year warranty on repairs for service plan clients
  • Free Watering optimization tips for your lawn sprinkler system
  • Free e-news letter with lawn and landscape tips, topics of seasonal importance and seasonal notices of tasks to be done.
  • Every sprinkler system repair we make, helps bring your system up to today’s efficiency and reliability standards.

6 Ways We Make Lawn Sprinkler Systems Better

(1) Sprinkler heads damaged by edgers and vehicles are moved, when too close to paved areas.

(2) Crooked lawn sprinkler heads are straightened so they cover you lawn evenly in all directions.

(3) Defective irrigation sprinkler valves are replaced with longer lasting, easier serviced models.

(4) New irrigation valves also receive new waterproof wire connections for increased electrical reliability.

(5) Sprinkler heads obstructed by turf or shrubs, are replaced with taller versions, raised or moved.

(6) Where possible, sprinkler head nozzles are changed to increase watering efficiency.

Sprinkler system repair goes beyond broken pipes, irrigation heads and lawn sprinkler valves. Residential and commercial lawn sprinkler controllers, also known as timers, are now available with on site, weather based scheduling. Simple rain sensors are obsolete.

Hunter Irrigation Solar SyncThese “SMART” controllers have an on site weather sensor that combines information taken every hour of every day, from your site. The data is then used with the detailed scheduling information we enter, and a historical weather database to calculate how long to run your zones on the next cycle. The sensor automatically changes the time the sprinkler system runs.

These sprinkler control systems provide the most economical use of water, and the best watering results. Weather sensors often give water savings of up to 30% or more over manually controlled systems.