Maureen S. – Cinnaminson
I am more than pleased in the improvement of the appearance of my lawn. I want to continue with whatever you have planned. I am trusting you to decide what is necessary and proceed.

Virginia B. – Somerdale
My weeds are gone and I really do have grass.

Lon S. – Medford
I wanted to let you know that my lawn is looking absolutely terrific. The steps you took to bring it to life really seemed to work. I know the rain didn’t hurt but it really is looking good. Thanks for taking care of it for us.

Darla K. – Medford
I just wanted to say that your tech Sean is by far the nicest and most professional guy around. Thank you. It’s nice to know we will have such a great company taking care of our home.

Dave S. – Mount Laurel
We had an issue with loud pipe banging with our irrigation system at the backflow preventer. It caused our entire house to wake, when our sprinklers ran early in the morning. The problem mainly occurred in two zones. Since this was new construction, the builder had both the installer and plumber out several times to assess the problem and attempt to correct. Each kept insisting it was the other party’s problem. The sprinkler installer and plumber made several attempts to correct, but the banging kept up. I decided to take matters into my own hands and called Town Pride. They came out, diagnosed the problem, and proceeded to reconstruct the two problem zones. Not only were the men professional in their work, they allowed me to observe, to help educate myself about my system. It is because of this, that I will continue to use Town Pride for all future services.

Larry P. – Medford
As busy business owner, I don’t have the time or energy for my lawn. I have a difficult yard to treat due to my flower beds, and a fish pond. I’ve used other services in the past and had problems with hoses pulled over my flowers beds damaging the flowers, and fertilizer in my fish pond. Town Pride came out, looked at my lawn and explained how they could treat it without damaging my flowers, or contaminating my fish pond. I signed up for their program, and have not had any problems with their services. After the first lawn treatment, my lawn was looking greener. Town Pride comes out on a regular schedule, and I don’t have to worry about the safety of my flowers or fish pond anymore.

Christian N. – Southampton
As a sod contractor, I understand the importance of a quality lawn irrigation system. There is nothing worse than a customer finding out that their new sod isn’t getting enough water from their newly installed or existing sprinkler system. The most common cause is poor system design and lack of watering schedule knowledge for their system and conditions. Town Pride Lawn Service designs and installs a top notch irrigation system that won’t let my customer’s new sod die in any weather. As a result, I have satisfied customers and no headaches. My customers have a hassle free, quality lawn.

Richard May: Ark Rd Storage – Lumberton, NJ
For my self storage facility, curb appeal is very important to the success of my business. I use both the irrigation and lawn fertilizer services from Town Pride Lawn Service. Town Pride designed and installed my sprinkler system over 10 years ago. In 2011, Town Pride upgraded my sprinkler controller to a Hunter Solar Sync. Now my staff does not have to monitor or manage water usage during the season. The solar sync schedules my watering based on actual weather conditions, rather than my staff guessing. I have a green lawn all summer, even during periods of intense heat, and I’m not over watered in cool weather. I highly recommend Town Pride for all of your lawn fertilizing and lawn sprinkler needs.