What Snow Can Teach You About Summer Lawn Care

There is always educational value in the world around us.  Sometimes it is not easy to  connect the dots and get the meaning.  Professionals that manage lawn care programs know about micro climates.  A lawn care professional, can advise clients with problem lawn areas, and show micro climates on their site and recommend the best landscape management techniques.

lawn_sprinkler_micro_climateA micro climate is a climate different from it’s surrounding area. It may be as small as a few square feet. The north side of a building or a line of trees are two examples. A larger example may be a coastal area vs. inland, valleys vs mountain tops, or west side vs east side of a mountain. But a few square feet seems, like it should not matter.

The following picture was taken March 25, 2014 in Medford, NJ. Just a common stone drive way with full western exposure, and a really cold March. It began to snow late in the afternoon, and the white patches appeared.lawn care program micro climate

lawn_care_micro_climateCars are parked on those spots 8-9 hours per day, 5 days per week. Yet that small amount of protection in a wide open area, provided enough protection to keep the covered stone more cold. This is how those problem lawn areas work in summer. A little shade from some trees on the edge, or the north side of a building, can give some protection and the sprinkler timing can be just right.

Move to a lawn area between the curb and sidewalk, or along a paved drive, and the grass may not look as good when hot and dry weather strikes. That is because paved areas absorb heat, and then radiate it to the surrounding areas. If you only water enough for average conditions, your lawn could be in trouble. Or consider that conditions in the bulk of the lawn are ok, but the hot microclimate areas areas conducive to disease or insects. The warm, damp shady areas that take a long time to dry in the morning, are micro climates more favorable for disease.


rielly_lumberton002When lawn care problems strike, evaluate how uniform the site climate is, and how uniformly the water is applied. Not every area of a site is created equal, and changes in watering can pay big dividends is reducing lawn care problems.

When you have green spots like the photo to the right, you can be sure you are not watering enough. Even worse, your sprinkler system installation design may be seriously deficient. A reputable company with extended knowledge of plants, soil, water, and irrigation design can often revamp defective systems.